Chat wrap: Chargers' WR group is deep

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Fred from Knoxville, Tenn.: Are the Broncos solid enough at their wide outs or do they need to add another good route runner?

Bill Williamson: They are pretty happy. A lot depends on Thomas and Decker taking the next step. They like Caldwell a lot as well. I could still see them taking a receiver fairly early in the draft and former Peyton Manning teammate Brandon Stokley is always a deep rotation possibility.

Kansas City

Steve from KCMO: Do you like the Chiefs additions this season? I think they are finally ready to go to the playoffs and make a deep run. What are your thoughts?

BW: Yes, no doubt. I like that team a lot. if Cassel can take advantage of his weapons, the defense takes the next step and the team continues to rally behind Crennel, I see a playoff team.


Chris from Fargo ND: Hey Bill, do you see Wheeler making an impact in Oakland? Wimbley is a better pass rusher but if you take away his 4 sack game he really didn't have much of an impact in the sack department. Can Wheeler provide that same impact?

BW: Wheeler has said he looks forward to having a chance to rush the passer more, but he does not have Wimbley's pass-rushing ability. Wheeler will make more of an impact as a run stuffer, which is huge.

San Diego

Martin from Sweden: Your thoughts of the latest 'depth' addition to the chargers WR/PR group?

BW: I think it really runs four deep with Meachem, Floyd, Brown and Royal. If can they all stay healthy, I kind like the group. Rivers likes to spread the ball around.