Peyton Manning starts Denver era

The Peyton Manning era in Denver kicks off Monday.

Along with several other teams -- including the Kansas City Chiefs -- the Denver Broncos are beginning their offseason volunteer conditioning program on Monday. The Chargers begin their offseason program next Monday.

As he will be all year, Manning will be in the spotlight. Since signing with Denver on March 20, Manning has been working out with new teammates on his own. Monday begins the offseason portion under the guidance of the team.

As part of the new CBA, rules are strict and the program is constructed in phases over the course of the next several weeks.

In the division, the Raiders started their offseason program two weeks ago because they have a new head coach. Under league rules, because he was an interim coach at the end of last season, Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel is now considered an existing coach, and thus the Chiefs did not get a head start on their offseason program.

Kansas City receiver Dwayne Bowe is not expected at the program because he has yet to sign his franchise tender. It is not considered a major deal, and it is the normal course taken by most franchised players.