Stokley addition has value in Denver

Brandon Stokley is back with the Denver Broncos.

The veteran receiver has been expected to sign with Denver since Peyton Manning signed with the team four weeks ago. The two played together in Indianapolis and are close friends. Manning stayed at Stokley’s house when he visited Denver last month and the two have been working out together this year.

He is the second weapon Denver has signed that has played with Manning. Former Colts’ tight end Jacob Tamme inked with Denver last month. Stokley visited the Broncos -- whom he played for from 2007-09 -- on Monday and his agent tweeted Monday that he will sign with the team.

Stokley will turn 36 in June and he played just two games last season, with the Giants. He is near the end of his career. But he has a great chemistry with Manning and he can teach the Denver receivers how to adjust to playing with Manning, so he will have a role.

Stokley is considered to be one of the best slot receivers of all time, and he is great with other young athletes playing that position. I think he can have a huge impact on Denver receivers Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas.

Decker and Stokley already have a relationship. When Decker suffered a serious foot injury in college, Stokley served as a mentor and sounding board for Decker because Stokley successfully returned from the same injury. The two have continued a friendship, so Stokley’s influence in the Denver locker room will extend beyond Manning.