Mailbag: Do Raiders have a draft advantage?

Midweek mail call:

Timmy from San Jose wants to know if I think the Raiders can have an effective draft despite having five picks -- with the highest being No. 95.

Bill Williamson: There is no doubt the Raiders are not in a good position in this draft, particularly because they lack high picks. But I do think they can get a good player or two. In fact, I think they could actually have an advantage over other teams because they are focusing on mid-round talent. Other teams are heavily scouting top-100 picks, while the Raiders are scouring the second level players and may be better versed in those prospects.

Michael from Bozeman, Mont., wants to know if I think the Broncos could trade out of the No. 25 slot if a top defensive tackle is not available.

BW: If LSU’s Michael Brockers and Mississippi State’s Fletcher Cox are off the board at No. 25, I think it is likely Denver would trade down to get another second round pick or a later first-round pick. Denver needs to find a defensive tackle early, but it also could use players at other spots, so I think a trade down is a real possibility.

Ed from Kenya wants to know if I think Stanford guard David DeCastro could end up being the No.11 pick by the Chiefs.

BW: I don’t think DeCastro is the Chiefs’ top option, but I do think he is on their list. They could drop down five spots and likely get him. I could see that scenario unfolding. He’d be a great fit for a strong offense.