Poll results: Chargers should stay put

A majority of San Diego Chargers fans we polled do not want to see general manager A.J. Smith mortgage the future even though he is going into a pivotal season.

Our AFC West poll asked if the Chargers should move up from the team’s No. 18 pick? If they miss the playoffs for a third straight season, the Chargers will likely make wholesale changes. Smith and coach Norv Turner will likely be sent packing, something many expected would happen after last season. The Chargers did a nice job in free agency recently, as they signed 15 players.

As of 2 p.m. ET Wednesday, 61 percent of the votes cast don’t want the Chargers to move way up in the draft if it means giving up future picks while 39 percent of the votes were fine with the idea.

I could see the Chargers moving up if the right player is available. But I don’t think they should move up out of desperation. I don’t that will be the case since that's not how Smith operates. Thanks to everyone who voted.