Mailbag: Could Jenkins slide to No. 95?

Weekend mail call:

J. from Colorado wants to know if the Broncos could draft Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Bill Williamson: The Broncos have studied Cousins and they like him. He will likely be taken in the second round. I would not be shocked if Cousins ends up in Denver. However, I think the Chiefs could also take him. Kansas City has the No. 44 overall pick in the second round, and the Broncos pick at No. 57.

Daniel Velez from Florida wants to know if North Alabama cornerback Janoris Jenkins would be a target of the Raiders at the No. 95.

BW: I’m sure Oakland would do back flips to get a player of Jenkins’ ability. But it is highly unlikely he will be available that late in the draft. Yes, there are serious character concerns about Jenkins. He is a top-20 talent, and I can’t see him tumbling past the first 50 picks. Perhaps Oakland could consider trading up to grab Jenkins, but I just don’t see him sitting there for them at No. 95.

Jonathan Pierce from Newport Beach, Ca., wants to know Oregon running back LaMichael James could be a target in Denver.

BW: The past couple of mock drafts Mel Kiper Jr. have compiled has James pegged for Denver in the second round. He would be a terrific change of pace runner and receiving option out of the backfield. I just wonder if the Broncos are looking for a more sturdy back. But I could see him being on Denver’s draft board.