Chat Wrap: Cedric Benson in AFC West?

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


CJ from Boulder, Colo.: Any chance the Broncos look at Peter Konz if their top DT is no longer on the board? I've heard that [J.D.] Walton was the worst rated starting center last year.

Bill Williamson: I think the team is OK with Walton and he is already working with Manning.


Paul from K.C.: Do you think there is anything to the rumors the chiefs might trade up to 7 for Ryan Tannehill

BW: I think they will be able to do it, I'm just not sure they want to. If they are sold on Tannehill, they will do it. If they are merely interested in him, they'll let him fall to No. 11. I know that is vague, I'm just not sure the Chiefs are in love with him. If they are, they should go for it, because they may not know when their best chance to get a top QB prospect yet.


Paul from Trenton: Do you think Oakland might be interested in Cedric Benson behind [Darren] McFadden if he continues to receive almost no interest and would play for at or near the league minimum?

BW: He is part of that vet RB group. I could see the fit. I like him. I think it could be a nice fit, but then again, I think he could also help Denver and San Diego.


Mark from San Diego: Do you see the Chargers trading down in the 1st round? Seems a lot of players they are interested in could be available in the 25 pick range.

BW: I bet A.J. Smith goes to the draft not knowing what he is going to do. He is open to moving up, staying at No. 18 or moving down. It will be determined on the clock.