Von Miller knocks RGIII

Denver second-year linebacker Von Miller has joined in on the recent spate of criticism of Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III.

After Griffin defended himself about comments made by an unnamed scout that he was selfish, Pro Football Weekly printed quotes from Miller about Griffin. This is what Miller had to say: “He can throw the ball pretty well, and he’s fast. But if you hit him enough times, he’s going to wear down. He can run and throw, but I wouldn’t put him in that same class as [Michael] Vick, Cam [Newton] or [Josh] Freeman.”

Miller played at Texas A&M and he has been pounding the drum for college teammate Ryan Tannehill. Miller did admit his bias and said he hopes Griffin performs well in the NFL, so I wouldn’t put too much into the comments.

Griffin is fully expected to be taken by Washington with the No. 2 pick Thursday. By the way, the Redskins and Broncos will play in 2013. In addition to the Miller-Griffin angle, it would be the first time Denver faces former coach Mike Shanahan, who was fired after the 2008 season.