Foxworth will be missed in Denver

Posted by ESPN.com' s Bill Williamson

The Denver community will miss Domonique Foxworth. Since being drafted by Denver in 2005, the defensive back has earned a reputation as being one of the most civic-minded players in the team's history.

Foxworth's legacy in Denver will be a very tangible one. Foxworth was a driving force behind the Darrent Williams Memorial teen center, which is located in a low income part of Denver. The center is named after the Denver cornerback who was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting on Jan. 1, 2007.

Foxworth, who joined Denver a round after Williams did in 2005, worked hard to get the teen center open and he teaches a writing class there. Williams and Foxworth were close friends. After Williams' death, Foxworth rallied his teammates to help make the teen center a reality.

The teen center opened in late May.

Foxworth said today he understands the business side of his pending departure from Denver. He admitted he will be saddened to leave the city in which he became part of the fabric. Foxworth's parents moved to Denver from the Baltimore area shortly after their son was drafted. They go to every one of their son's games, home and away.

Even though he is a backup, Foxworth is one of the more popular players in Denver and it has a lot to do with him being such a big part of the community. His loss will be felt. While Foxworth has no idea where his next NFL city will be, he said today that he will still travel to Denver when he can to continue the work he started in the city.