Reviewing Kiper's draft grades

Grades are in. In an Insider pieceInsider, Mel Kiper has assigned draft grades for each team. Here are his grades for each AFC West team:

San Diego

Grade: B+

My take: I think the Chargers deserved an A. When you get three impact players and at great values with your first three picks, you are doing something right.


Grade: C+

My take: I think Denver deserved a slightly higher grade. They were solid and smart and didn’t lose patience. They got better.

Kansas City

Grade: C+

My take: I think the Chiefs deserved a B. They got some intriguing players and added some real talent in the trenches.


Grade: C-

My take: I think the Raiders deserve a solid C. They were hamstrung and still added some value. Tony Bergstrom, Miles Burris, Jack Crawford and Juron Criner all have a chance to stick.

Meanwhile, in an Insider pieceInsider, Todd McShay looks at some impactful and intriguing picks for each team.