Two QBs coming to AFC West in 2013?

Apparently, it’s never too early for a mock draft.

Four days after the end of the 2012 NFL draft, Todd McShay of Scouts Inc. has come up with his initial mock draft for 2013.Insider Of course, many things will happen, so give credit to McShay for taking a shot at this. The draft order was compiled by the current power rankings of Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc.

Let’s take a look at McShay’s mock.

No. 6, Oakland Raiders

USC quarterback Matt Barkley

My take: Another USC quarterback to Oakland. I could see it. But I have a feeling Barkley is going to be drafted first or second. I don’t see Oakland getting close to being able to draft him.

No. 16, San Diego Chargers

North Carolina guard Jonathan Cooper

My take: If the Chargers don’t make the playoffs for a third straight year, they’ll need to get more than guard.

No 18, Denver Broncos

Notre Dame inside linebacker Manti Te'o

My take: Denver’s needs continue to evolve, but Te'o is a good player and a good fit.

No. 19, Kansas City Chiefs

Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones

My take: The Chiefs will likely get a quarterback next year if Matt Cassel doesn’t have a great season. Will Jones be available at No. 19?