Chat wrap: Oakland keys

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Lynn from Denver: Bill, will Peyton play in the preseason at a normal clip for a #1 QB or will the broncos be careful and even though he missed all of last year and just let him go in the regular season?

Bill Williamson: I think the preseason will be interesting. Manning hasn't played since Jan. 2011. So, he will need some playing time to knock off the rest, but can't be overused in August.

Kansas City

Brent from Hays: Regardless of Cassel's year in KC would it be a good idea for them to draft a QB high next year?

BW: Well, I think it all depends on Cassel's season. If he is great, no, but if he's just so-so, I think the Chiefs try to go get a QB.


Eric from Cali.: Raiders have an explosive offense, very good special teams. If defense can get in top 15 do u see the contending in West ?

BW: Here's the keys: Palmer plays well, McFadden stays healthy, Receivers develop, and defense stays healthy and gets better.

San Diego

Jackson from Ca.,: Obviously loved the Ingram pick but what do you think of the prospects of Taylor and Green?

BW: Don't forget Kendall Reyes. I liked all of these picks. Taylor was a second-round talent and he has a chance to break the starting lineup at some point early in his career. Green is a good prospect down the road.