Mailbag: Can Demaryius Thomas be a star?

Weekend mail call:

Mike O’Connell from San Diego writes: What type of impact do you expect running back Mike Goodson to have in Oakland?

Bill Williamson: Goodson was acquired from Carolina for guard Bruce Campbell. It was a trade of players who didn’t fit with their former teams' plans. Goodson has some ability, but he did not carry the ball at all in 2011, and was active for just four games. So, to expect him to be Darren McFadden’s primary backup might be a tad risky. Perhaps Goodson (who has 501 yards on 125 career carries) will carve a role for himself in Oakland as a running back, but he is far from established.

Matt Duench from Waterloo, Ontario, writes: What do you expect from Denver receiver Demaryius Thomas in 2012?

BW: I expect big things form Thomas. He is growing as a player, and having him work with Peyton Manning should be a major boost to his career. I fully expect Thomas -- if he can stay healthy -- to take the next step in his career in 2012. I think he can be a star.

Darren from Kansans City writes: Do you think Rodney Hudson is ready to be the Chiefs’ starting center?

BW: I think so. He is a second-round pick entering his second season. We really won’t know until we see him, but the Chiefs believe in him and plan for him to play this season. Hudson is known for being a smart, tough player. He has a chance to develop into a solid pro.