Chargers bag second-round pick

We reportedly have our first 2012 draft pick signing in the AFC West.

U-T San Diego is reporting that the Chargers have signed second-round pick Kendall Reyes. The defensive lineman from Connecticut was taken with the No. 49 pick. He is expected to be an instant contributor.

There have been some draft-pick signings around the league. This is the first reported draft-pick signing in the AFC West. Because of the new CBA and rookie pay structure, draft-pick signings have become much easier to negotiate than in the past, and the days of rookie holdouts are, for the most part, likely over.

In other AFC West news:

Please check out Elizabeth Merrill’s surprising piece on the terrible tragedies that have haunted the 1994 San Diego Chargers, the only team in franchise history to go to the Super Bowl. Superstar linebacker Junior Seau -- the face of that team -- was the eighth player on that team to die. He died last Wednesday at the age of 43. His death has been ruled a suicide.

In an Insider post, the number diggers at Football Outsiders look at the biggest remaining holes/needs for each AFC West team. There are a couple of expected areas examined, but there are also some surprise selections.