Mailbag: Franchise QB for Oakland?

Mid-week mail call:

Bo Richmond from Broomfield, Co., wants to know if I think the Broncos’ receiving crew is set for 2012.

Bill Williamson: I think Denver could add to a piece or two, but the primary receiving group is set. I think the keys are backups Andre Caldwell and Brandon Stokley. Both were signed as free agents and I think the Broncos are excited about adding Caldwell as one of Peyton Manning’s weapons. If Stokley can stay healthy, he could be a good bottom-of-the-rotation asset because of his history with Manning.

Chris from York, Pa., wants to know if I think the Raiders could draft a franchise-type quarterback next year.

BW: I think they really could. Carson Palmer will be 33 in December. Regardless if Palmer has a strong season, Oakland could consider it. Right now, the big names to watch are Matt Barkley of USC and Landry Jones of Oklahoma and I’m sure other top prospects will emerge. It will be interesting to see this situation develop. But, as of now, I could see why Oakland would be on the list of teams considering adding a top-flight rookie quarterback in 2013. Of course, if 2011 supplemental draft pick Terrelle Pryor develops at a rapid pace, all bets would be off.

Eric from Santa Monica, Ca., wants to know if I think San Diego linebacker Larry English can have a big season.

BW: The word out of San Diego is that English -- the No. 16 overall pick in the 2009 draft --has looked good this spring. But he is now dealing with a minor groin injury. He has had trouble staying healthy in his short NFL career. This year is probably his last chance in San Diego. If he suffers a major injury this season, he is probably going to be shown the door in 2013. The Chargers drafted Melvin Ingram in the first round and they are moving away from English. But if he can add pressure as a rotational player, the Chargers will take it.