Mailbag: Can Denver make Super Bowl?

Weekend mail call:

MD Ellis from Marysville, Calif., wants to know if the Oakland Raiders could trade a receiver such as Louis Murphy because of fifth-round pick Juron Criner.

Bill Williamson: Perhaps late in the preseason, something could happen since Murphy is a free agent after next season. But I think the most likely situation is Oakland will keep all of their young receivers and see how it develops. It’s a good, solid group. But it needs some players to stand out, so the Raiders may be better off keeping everyone and seeing how it plays out.

Jon from Fort Dodge, Iowa wants to know if I think the Denver Broncos have a realistic chance to make the Super Bowl.

BW: If Peyton Manning's neck issues are behind him, I think Denver has a chance to be very competitive and they should be a fairly strong team. But there are more talented teams in the AFC West and Denver has the second toughest schedule in the NFL. For Denver to get to the Super Bowl it will need its defense to continue to make huge strides, have great health and some good fortune.

Kurt from Seattle wants to know what I think about Kansas City Chiefs receivers coach Nick Sirianni.

BW: Sirianni has been highly regarded in Kansas City. He was the offensive quality control coach for the past three years. He helped in several different areas and he was credited for helping Matt Cassel during his strong season in 2010. I think Sirianni certainly can be a coach to look for as an offensive coordinator candidate in the coming seasons.