Halftime notes from Oakland

Posted by ESPN.com’s Bill Williamson

OAKLAND -- CBS broadcaster Rich Gannon did not talk to the media prior to the game. The Raiders banned Gannon from their building last week for a production meeting because he has been critical of the team. The Raiders finally relented.

  • Ryan Clady has not allowed a full sack in his entire NFL career.

  • Oakland cut running back Louis Rankin before the game.

  • There are several thousand empty seats. This is the first time a Denver game has been blacked out in Oakland since 2003.

  • Second-round pick Mike Mitchell is playing for Oakland at safety.

  • Denver rookie Knowshon Moreno is running the ball well.

  • Denver seems to be much improved on special teams. That was a big issue the past several seasons for Denver.

  • JaMarcus Russell’s numbers aren’t bad. He has completed 9 of 13 passes for 60 yards. But he is not being effective.

  • Oakalnd running back Darren McFadden needs to be more consistent. We just haven't seen the type of game he is capable of in more than a year. He has seven carries for 21 yards.