Poll results: Brock will rock

Our AFC West poll takers agree with John Elway.

They think Brock Osweiler has a strong chance to be an effective replacement for Peyton Manning down the road. Elway, the Broncos' executive VP of football operations, took the 6-foot-7 Arizona State quarterback in the second round in April's draft. Elway believes Osweiler is the player who can take over the Broncos’ offense when Manning, 36, retires.

In our AFC West poll this week, readers look to be on the same page as Elway. As of 1:50 p.m. ET Wednesday, an overwhelming 67 percent of voters believe Osweiler can be an effective NFL starter. Just 33 percent are Osweiler non-believers.

I think it was a low-risk move for Elway. He liked Osweiler and he took him. If Osweiler doesn’t perform well in practices and in the preseason in the next few seasons, Denver will have time to make other plans.

Thanks to everyone who played along.