Chat wrap: Down on San Diego?

Here are some highlights of our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Cody from Sundance, Wyo.: What do you expect to see out of Ronnie Hillman in his rookie season? Do you see him in a D. Sproles type of role?

Bill Williamson: Yes, but he is bigger so he may be more durable. The Broncos wants to make him an instant part of the offense.

Kansas City

Ryan from Mo.: How much of a factor will Devon Wylie will be in KC?

BW: In a couple of years, I think he can be a real factor. As a rookie, maybe 20-35 catches. He is a talent to watch down the road.


DatDudeDarth from Philadelphia, Pa.: Any timetable on FB Marcel Reece on when he signs offer?

BW: A Darthfest. Not really. If gets to training camp and he not there, it may be time to wonder what is going on, but I'd be surprised if it got to that point. Reece really doesn't have a lot of leverage.

San Diego

Leland from Texas: Why are people so down on the Chargers? I've seen picks for them to finish as far as 3rd in the division. This team stays healthy last year and they're in the playoffs. Am I just a biased fan or am I missing something?

BW: I think folks have just grown tired of them because of the unreached potential. But who cares, all that matters if they can win or not. Expectations don't matter.