Chat wrap: Is there a Dwayne Bowe plan?

Here are some highlights of our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Evan From Aguanga, Ca.: How is it that Denver has improved its team in all areas except for special teams and maybe linebacker and yet they are expected to do worse this year with an All-Pro QB than last year with a QB who could barely complete 10 passes a game

Bill Williamson: I think the biggest issue is the schedule. It is the second toughest in the NFL. Denver can go 8-8 again and be a much better team.

Kansas City

Lincoln from WY.: What type of deal is Bowe looking for? Megatron or V Jax?

BW: It's clearly up there or they would have a deal by now. Scott Pioli has a strong track record of signing his own guys in K.C. Clearly, Bowe wants a ton. It could be coming down to this: Bowe is banking he can have a huge season to cash in on free agency and the Chiefs are waiting to see if Jonathan Baldwin can have a big year and become the No. 1 in 2013 if Bowe does end up leaving.


Buck from Quincy: Who do you think will end up being the Raiders backup RB at the start of the season?

BW: Probably Goodson with Jones filling a change-of-pace role. I think Jones will be most effective in that role.

San Diego

John from Galt: Hey Bill, why haven't I heard anything about using Ladarius Greene (6'6, 4.52 40) as a WR? Comparing him to VJ (6'5,4.46 40) he seems like he could potentially fill those shoes as an outside WR. Especially since the TE position is a thing of depth and strength for the Chargers compared to the question marks of the WR group.

BW: His career is just getting going. They like him as an eventual Gates' replacement. But you never know what can happen once camp rolls around. But I see him as a TE at this point.