Mailbag: Marcel Reece's role

Mid-week mail call:

Nollskie from Oklahoma City wants to know what we should expect from Kansas City's sixth-round pick, running back Cyrus Gray.

Bill Williamson: He is a long-term prospect. But he is a pretty highly-rated player. With Jamaal Charles and Peyton Hillis both expected to get a lot of carries, there may not be much room for Gray. But if he earns some carries, they will give him a look and he should get some special-teams playing time. I’m interested in seeing what he can do.

Gabe Spiegel from South Florida wants to know what kind of impact Oakland fullback Marcel Reece will have this year.

BW: They are going to use this guy. He is not your typical fullback. He can do so many things. I see him being a big part of this offense. He can help as a runner and as a receiver. Also, he can play tight end in some situations. Reece is an under-the-radar player who makes his team better.

Tyler from Hamilton, Ont., wants to know what kind of impact Denver defensive tackle Ty Warren can have this season.

BW: He will be part of the rotation on the defensive line. He has missed the past two seasons and he is 31. So, I think the Broncos will play it safe and be grateful for anything they can get from him at this point.