Don't expect Shanahan-to-Redskins talk to die

Posted by ESPN.com’s Bill Williamson

Before this interesting coincidence occurred Monday at a small Denver-area airport, I was planning to address the possibility of Mike Shanahan eventually becoming the head coach in Washington.

The topic became relevant again Sunday when the Redskins lost to, gulp, Detroit and fell to 1-2. The big-money Redskins have been anemic on offense under offensive-minded coach Jim Zorn. His job security will be in question until he can show he can get it together in Washington.

I have long thought Washington could be a strong potential landing spot for Shanahan. He was fired by Denver last December after 14 seasons with the Broncos.

Shanahan has made it clear he wants to coach in the NFL again and plans to pursue opportunities in early 2010. Shanahan has an office not far from the Broncos’ facility, where he routinely breaks down tape and studies the NFL as he eagerly awaits another chance. Shanahan isn’t one of these former coaches who are enjoying being out of the NFL. He is coming back and from what I have heard, he is counting the days.

There will be, at least, a handful of teams looking for coaches in January. There always are. The Redskins, as we sit now, have to be considered a possibility.

And they would be an intriguing fit for Shanahan. The Redskins would likely offer big money and there are some talented players in the roster. Shanahan would like the spotlight of being the head coach of such a high-profile team and he is friendly with Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, who never shies from making a huge splash.

This pairing just makes sense and the more the losses continue to pile up, the more this pairing will be discussed.