Crennel likes Brian Banks' effort

Brian Banks has worked out for his second AFC West team since being exonerated in a sexual assault case.

It is unclear if he will end up in the division. Last week, he worked out for the San Diego Chargers, but they currently do not have any plans to sign him. Wednesday, he worked out for the Kansas City Chiefs with more workouts planned.

Banks was a prized linebacker recruit 10 years ago when he was 16. Coach Romeo Crennel told reporters in Kansas City that Banks’ workout was solid, but he didn’t give any hints if the team will sign him.

“It went well considering he hasn’t been playing football, but you can tell he has been working out,” Crennel said. “The football drills, he still remembers those things. I think the more workouts that he can have with different teams, the more it will come back to him. It was a decent workout.”

Crennel did say Banks will be challenged because of his decade away from the game.

“The game has changed quite a bit, and not having played, that’s the biggest challenge -- the level of competition, the skill of the guys that he’s going against and then the change of the game itself being a more wide open game,” Crennel said. “You have terminology issues you have to deal with, conditioning you have to deal with. All of those things make it tougher for him to come back and just jump right in and make a big impact.”

Meanwhile, Kansas City running back Jamaal Charles told reporters he could play a game this week if he had to. He is returning from a torn ACL in his knee that he suffered in Week 2 last season.