AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com’s Bill Williamson

Mid-week mail call:

Brian Heath from Seattle, Wa. wants to know if the Raiders continue to stumble could Jon Gruden become the coach of the team next year.

Bill Williamson: That is highly doubtful. Well, it’s not highly doubtful that Oakland could be looking for a coach next year. If the Raiders, 1-2, don’t improve (and I’m not declaring them dead yet) and they end up losing 11-12 games, it wouldn’t be beyond owner Al Davis to make a change. He isn’t afraid of change. We all know that. But I don’t see Gruden coming back to Oakland. Remember, he was available this year. When he was fired by Tampa Bay, Cable hadn’t been retained yet. So, if Gruden had any interest in returning to Oakland, it likely would have already happened.

Pete from New Mexico wants to know if Mike Nolan could get another chance of being a head coach if he continues to turn around the Broncos’ defense.

BW: Pete, I think he’d be a candidate if Denver continues to play great defense under Nolan. He is doing a spectacular job. The Denver defense has been horrible the past two years and the cupboard was bare when Josh McDaniels took over. The Denver secondary is now very talented, but the front seven isn’t overly loaded with talent. Still, Nolan’s 3-4 scheme has worked beautifully so far. Denver has allowed just 16 points in three games, which is the lowest point total allowed in the league. Nolan didn’t have much success as the head coach in San Francisco. But he is a quality football man and I would think executives and owners around the league will examine him for a potential opportunity if Denver’s defense stays a top-notch group.

Dan Wu wants to know if the Chiefs would trade receiver Dwayne Bowe.

BW: Dan, those rumors heated up after ESPN’s Adam Schefter said the Chiefs would likely move anyone but quarterback Matt Cassel and 2009 top pick Tyson Jackson, a defensive end. They were the first two big acquisitions of the new regime. I talked to Schefter and he said his point was that the Chiefs want to build with their own players. New general manager Scott Pioli and coach Todd Haley want to move forward with their own players. Bowe was inherited. So, if a team came to Kansas City with a big offer for Bowe, the Chiefs would likely listen. But Schefter made it clear he is not saying the Chiefs are shopping Bowe, who is the team’s best receiver.