Chat Wrap: Oakland CB plan

The following are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Friday:


Chad from Denver: Hey Bill, I am a huge Air Force fan, and I would love to see former DT/DE Ben Garland make the Broncos squad and have a career similar to Chad Hennings. What do you think his chances are?

Bill Williamson: There are a lot people who love Garland. He is a serious worker and I think he has a chance at the 53-man roster.

Kansas City

Ryan from Lebanon, Mo.: If you had to make a guess as to if or when Dwayne Bowe gets a contract or signs his tender when do you think it will happen or do you think he will hold out like Vincent Jackson did last year ?

Bill Williamson: Maybe I'm wrong on this one, but I don't see a long holdout happening.


Mark from Toronto: What do you think the chances are that Van Dyke or Chewka could beat out Spencer (or I guess Bartell) for a starting CB gig?

BW: Sure, I think that's what the team would like to see. Get one of those young guys out there. They are the future. Bartell and Spencer are quick fixes. Both are 30.

San Diego

Matt Johnson from Flagstaff, Ariz.: Which Charger receiver do you think will have the most catches next season? I'm hearing a lot of good things about Eddie Royal this year.

BW: Don't discount Vincent Brown. I could see him really becoming a big part of the offense.