Mailbag: Is Mike Mitchell a bust?

Weekend mail call:

Brad Seraphin from San Diego wants to know if I think San Diego Chargers linebacker Jonas Mouton will contribute this season after missing most of his rookie year with a shoulder injury.

Bill Williamson: He is a player the Chargers are excited about. I think he may be first looked at as a special teamer. The second-round pick last year missed a lot of time, so he is still learning. The future might be bright, but he is still a work in progress.

Derek from Oakland wants to know if I think Oakland Raiders safety Mike Mitchell is a bust.

BW: Bust is a harsh word. He surely was overdrafted. Al Davis stunned the league when he took Mitchell out of Ohio with the No. 47 pick in the 2009 draft. Many NFL teams had him rated as an undrafted free agent. There is no doubt he belongs in the league, but he wasn’t worthy of a second-round pick. He looks to be a career rotational guy and as a special teamer. He does have value, but he was overdrafted.

Michael from Sacramento wants to know what to expect from safety Atari Bigby in San Diego.

BW: I know the Chargers are really excited about him. They think he is going to be a good partner for Eric Weddle. Bigby, a free agent pickup from the Green Bay Packers, is a solid pro who knows how to play the game. The Chargers drafted LSU’s Brandon Taylor in the third round and they like him. But they are comfortable right now with Bigby.