Overrated: You may be surprised

KC Joyner knows his stuff. His football science work is fascinating. Any football idea he offers gets my attention.

In an Insider pieceInsider, he looks at the most overrated players in the AFC. Two surprising names are on it – future Denver hall of fame cornerback Champ Bailey and promising Oakland second-year receiver Denarius Moore.

Joyner backs up his thoughts, and they are worth some thought. Joyner just doesn’t throw out thoughts without merit.

Perhaps Bailey had some struggles last year (I know the Broncos’ coaching staff was happy with his play), but there is no way Bailey has been overrated in his career. I think Joyner's argument is based off of last season's performance. I watched Bailey on a daily basis for four years, and he is a first-ballot hall of famer. No doubt.

As for Moore, he is a growing talent who has a bright future. I think it may be premature to call anyone overrated after one season, especially a player who contributed as a fifth-round pick. I’d take either player on any day of the week. And I’m sure 32 teams would agree with me.

What do you think? Are these guys overrated? Fill up the comment section with your thoughts.