Week 4: AFC West power rankings

Posted by ESPN.com’s Bill Williamson

We have streamlined the voting process. I no longer have a vote. AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky is the AFC representative.

I still have an opinion though, so here goes:

San Diego

Power ranking: 12th

My ranking range: 6-8.

Why: The Chargers actually dropped a spot after beating Miami. I don’t get that one. San Diego is fighting through injuries and looking pretty good.


Power ranking: 13th

My ranking range: 9-12

Why: I don’t have a big problem with Denver’s ranking. It is a difficult team to gauge right now as it heads to a tough part of its schedule. But Denver is one of seven undefeated teams and it should get some respect.


Power ranking: 27th

My ranking range: 26-29

Why: The Raiders have reverted back to their ugly ways. Really, they are lucky they dropped just one spot after that home stinker against Denver.

Kansas City

Power ranking: 30th

My ranking range: 30-31

Why: The Chiefs are getting dangerously close to becoming the worst team in the NFL.