Is Tomlinson's choice the right one?

The U-T San Diego has more on LaDainian Tomlinson saying he’d rather go to the Pro Football Hall of Fame than win a Super Bowl ring.

It caused a bit of a stir.

My thoughts? We always urge athletes to be honest, so when they are, we shouldn’t bash them. I think Tomlinson is saying this because it is the scenario that is going to happen. He is probably just trying to convince himself.

Now that he is retired, he can’t win a Super Bowl ring, but he is a shoo-in to be enshrined in the hall of fame in 2017. Meanwhile, it's pretty cool Tomlinson has already tabbed former San Diego coach Marty Schottenheimer as his presenter in the hall of fame.

In other AFC West news:

Forbes.com is reporting the Broncos may change some luxury box arrangements because of the presence of Peyton Manning. Yes, the impact of signing Manning goes beyond the roster in Denver.