AFC West links: Tyvon Branch's security

Denver Broncos

The Denver Post's Mike Klis predicts the Broncos will go 9-7 this season and lists reasons why they could win or lose each game on the schedule. Klis: "To illustrate the extreme parity the NFL enjoys, 9-7 last season was enough for the New York Giants to make the playoffs and eventually become world champs but 9-7 wasn't enough for the Tennessee Titans to make the postseason."

Kansas City Chiefs

Nick Toney of KCChiefs.com attempts to answer three questions surrounding the defensive end position with training camp looming.

Allen Bailey is expected to play a bigger role for the Chiefs this season.

Oakland Raiders

Safety Tyvon Branch is grateful for the security his new four-year deal with the Raiders brings. "It gives you that (comfort) that you're going to be around for the next couple of years," Branch said in a conference call. "It definitely gives you a little more peace of mind. It's just one of those things that you don't have to worry about anymore. You know where you're going to be."

Could the Raiders have found a "diamond in the rough" in Miles Burris?

San Diego Chargers

Getting on the same page as his new receivers is going to be important for quarterback Philip Rivers.

Tackle Jeromey Clary says he is back to his pre-lockout strength.