Chat wrap: What Murphy trade means

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, held earlier Tuesday:


Trent from Denver: Is there any concern of (Von) Miller's hand injury being a problem going forward? His play dropped of significantly afterwards last season.

Bill Williamson: Are far as I'm concerned. On Miller: He was good in the playoffs when his injury healed. He was basically playing with one hand after the thumb injury. He is fine now.

Kansas City

Jordan C. from Everett, WA.: What do you think the odds are of Jeff A. and Devon W. making the starting lineup and/or making a significant impact for the team?

BW: I think Lilja plays one more year before Allen takes over. Wylie will be given a chance to play in multiple receiver sets and on special teams right away if he earns it.


Tony from Richmond, CA.: Is trading Louis Murphy to the Panthers addition by subtraction for the Raiders? Who will step up as the top two receivers for Oakland and pose a legitimate threat to opposing defenses as a tandem on the outside?

BW: Its addition by subtraction if Criner and Streater are both ready to play. But this trade worries me just a tad because the Raiders don't have a lot of overall depth. So trading a solid player for a conditional 7th doesn't make this team better for the 2012 season. What if a starter does down and Criner isn't ready? Murphy would be very much missed.

San Diego

Zac from New York: If Norv Turner and AJ Smith fail yet again this year, and they are let go. Are there really any bright contenders for the positions or has San Diego missed out on a great opportunity by not letting them go last year and making a run for someone like Fisher?

BW: There are always surprise coaches who become available. I wouldn't worry about that if a change is necessary in San Diego.