Get to camp, Dwayne Bowe

Dwayne Bowe doesn't have to be in St. Joseph, Mo., with his Kansas City Chiefs teammates as they assemble for training camp.

But he should be.

I know it is popular to consider the reasons why Bowe shouldn't report, but there are way too many reasons why he should.

Bowe will play with the Chiefs. He will report at some point and will make $9.6 million. That is the bottom line.

The Chiefs will begin training camp Friday without Bowe, who stayed away from the team for the entire offseason.

Missing the offseason program is one thing, but training camp is another. Come on, Bowe, get to camp. Sign your tender and become part of the team. Everyone else on the Chiefs roster has made it to camp, so why should Bowe feel as if he can get an extra break? Just because he was franchised and not given a contract extension?

Bowe is about to get a huge raise -- and if he plays well in 2012, he will get a monster deal in 2013, whether it's from the Chiefs or another team. He is not going to gain anything by sitting out. It is just going to alienate himself from the Chiefs brass and lessen the chances that the franchise will feel it can trust him for the long haul.

He is also messing with what could be a strong season in Kansas City. The Chiefs have a good thing going. The key is quarterback Matt Cassel. He has a lot of weapons to play with, and Bowe is one of the most dangerous. Bowe sitting out until a week before the regular season would affect the entire offense and harm his quarterback.

I know players have to take care of themselves, but Bowe knows the deal. He knows what he will be paid this season. There is no wiggle room. He needs to sign his tender, be a team player and worry about the future when it becomes relevant.