Does Bowe-Wallace swap make sense?

Receiver Dwayne Bowe is holding out from the Kansas City Chiefs. Receiver Mike Wallace is holding out from the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Similar issues, easy solution?

I’ve been asked several times in the past couple of days if the Chiefs and Steelers could solve their issues by trading Bowe for Wallace. Adding fuel to that talk is the fact that former Kansas City head coach Todd Haley is now the offensive coordinator in Pittsburgh.

I understand the rationale for the question, but I don’t think the reality is as simple as dealing two unhappy receivers.

I’m not sure the Steelers would make the trade. Wallace, 25, is one of the more explosive young receivers. He probably has more long-term worth than Bowe, 27.

I don’t get the sense the Steelers feel like they are in a tough spot. They can simply give Wallace the franchise tag next year if a new deal isn’t made. I’d doubt they’d be excited to dump Wallace and then have to pay Bowe.

I’m sure the Chiefs, though, would be interested in Wallace. They have cap room and signing Wallace to a long-term deal would be a fit on the field and in the pocket book. Getting the Steelers to agree would likely be the tough part.

Perhaps if both holdouts drag out and the two teams lose patience, things can change. Right now, though, I don’t see these two holdouts swapping teams.