Chat Wrap: Van Dyke impressing early

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Wednesday:


Derrick from Albany: Do you think Ryan Clady's contract issues will affect his play at all?

Bill Williamson: You never know how a player will react in a contract year. But it was his idea not to take the Broncos' offer, so he has to deal with it.


Julie from Wichita, Kan.: Hi Bill, When are you coming to KC? and have you heard how Poe is doing?

BW: Later in camp. On Poe, Crennel has said it will take time and he will be used as a pass-rusher more than a run stuffer for the meantime. That is kind of the deal with young nose tackles


Andy from Chicago: You were at Raiders camp do you see major improvements in DVD's defense?

BW: Yes, he looks good. He may have turned the corner. Playing tight coverage. With that speed, he can be dangerous.


Brian from Phoenix: What can the Chargers expect from their air attack this year? Is Gates really healthy enough to play the full season?

BW: I look forward to seeing Gates in camp. The word is he is healthy and is in good shape.