Zorn says Cassel's 'dramatically improved'

It’s been well documented that Matt Cassel will be the key to the Kansas City Chiefs in 2012.

The man in charge of Cassel on a daily basis expressed major confidence in the quarterback Thursday. Jim Zorn has been Cassel’s position coach for since last season. Zorn believes Cassel has made major strides this year because the team has been able to have an offseason program. That was lost last year because of the lockout. Zorn said there is a major difference this year in Cassel.

“He’s dramatically improved because we’ve been able to spend so much time together between all the OTAs, the minicamp and now,” Zorn said of Cassel. “I really feel that he is further along than he was last year. He’s really taking charge. He’s working on things that he wasn’t working on last year at this time. The way he attacks his line of scrimmage with his command, he’s changing things or keeping things on. Our tempo is much better. We’ve really improved a lot of things sooner than we did last year.”

As for the competition to back up Cassel, Zorn said Brady Quinn and Ricky Stanzi are “battling” and there is not a clear-cut favorite.

“I think that’s a great competition,” Zorn said. “Right now I see both guys taking pride in the position and the importance of getting better. They are fighting it out (laughter) they really are, they are duking it out. There is no clear No. 2 yet. The preseason will help that, but they are great kids, and they are not only helping themselves, they are helping our football team. In our quarterback meeting room they are attacking it pretty well.”

If Zorn’s zeal pans out, the Chiefs should be in fine shape at the quarterback position.