Chat wrap: Deadline for Dwayne Bowe?

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


John from Neb.: Would you be surprised to see Osweiler listed as #2 QB by the start of the season?

Bill Williamson: A lot depends on how Osweiler performs in the preseason. I think it could happen. He has looked good so far.


Jesse from Rhode Island: What’s the latest you think Bowe can get into camp, and honestly be ready for week 1 against Atlanta or is it too late already?

BW: I don't know is there is a hard date. I think Aug. 20 is reasonable.


Steve from Charlotte: Raiders win the AFC West if...........(fill in blank)....

BW: McFadden and Palmer have monster years, the starters stay healthy and the defense makes big strides.


Cobra Commander from Cobra Island: The Chargers have six defensive starters over 30 years old. Not to mention, they had the worse red-zone defense in the NFL in 2011. Have they gotten better? Can free-agent addition Jarret Johnson become the other edge rusher to help pressure the passer?

BW: I think they got tougher, more on the edge and much better on the defensive front. The key is the secondary.