Chiefs are all in on Romeo Crennel

ST. JOSEPH, MO. -- This is one happy place to be these days.

Kansas City Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel has often praised the team for its positive attitude this summer. Quarterback Matt Cassel has offered praise to the coaching staff.

A once tense work place has become a mutual admiration society. Is it really all to do with the switch from Todd Haley to Crennel at the top?

“There’s no denying it, it starts with coach Crennel,” Kansas City safety Kendrick Lewis. “It is a good environment here because of the way coach Crennel communicates with us. It’s a good place to be.”

Haley was known as a screamer, and players were often tense during his two-plus year era. Crennel has been a nice change because of his calm demeanor and his communication skills, many in the organization said this week.

Crennel took over for Haley on an interim basis after 13 games last season. The Chiefs went 2-1 under Crennel, including a win over then-undefeated Green Bay in Crennel’s first game as the head coach. Crennel was given the permanent job in January.

“Everything changed with that Green Bay win,” Lewis said. “This season kind of started then. It’s been great since that day. Coach Crennel has us all believing.”

There is a thought in the NFL that players can play over their heads for their coach only for so long. But I’m not so sure that will be the case here. These players have genuine love and respect for Crennel. I don’t think that is going to go away.

And, just to be clear, no one was bashing Haley. They just appreciate Crennel’s ways and are clearly clicking with him in charge.