Chat wrap: Division's best rookie DT?

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Friday:


Gregg from Seattle: In terms of how well they played during their first preseason games, what order would you put Reyes vs. Wolfe vs. Poe?

Bill Williamson: Tough question because one preseason game doesn’t mean much. All have big potential, that's for sure. Wolfe was the best of the three for one preseason game, but does that mean he will have the best career?


Matt from Kansas City: Has Dwayne Bowe made it back to camp in time to get up to speed with Daboll's new offense? What do you expect to see from him the remaining preseason games and into the regular season?

BW: He has three weeks to get ready. I think he can do it. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't play in the preseason while he gets adjusted.


Don from Salem, Ore.: With Curry’s knee issues do you think Burris is the answer to start or does Oakland go shopping for talent after roster cuts?

BW: Burris may eventually be the answer but having a fourth-round pick start right away is a lot to ask. They could look if the right veteran is available.


Brian from Michigan: Ingram caused all kinds of havoc last week. Is he the real deal or what?

BW: Yeah, I love him. He is going to make a huge impact. When he fell to No. 18, San Diego's franchise changed. He can be that good.