Mailbag: What to expect from Peyton Hillis

Mid-week mail call:

Jeff Cook from Conway, Ark., wants to know if I think Jon Baldwin can overtake Dwayne Bowe as the No. 1 receiver in Kansas City this season.

Bill Williamson: It’s an interesting question. I think the Chiefs want to give Baldwin every opportunity to become a star. If he develops quickly and becomes the top target, then he’ll be the No. 1 receiver. But I don’t think Kansas City is worried about whether Baldwin bypasses Bowe this season. The Chiefs simply want both players to shine and will worry about the pecking order in the offseason when they decide whether to extend Bowe, give him the franchise tag again or to let him walk in free agency.

Eric from Oakland wants to know if I think Juron Criner is just an offseason star who has no future.

BW: Because he hasn’t caught many balls in the preseason? The kid has looked good in training camp and could have a solid future. But remember, he’s a fifth-round pick. Don’t expect miracles quite yet. He could take a little time to develop in the regular season and that’s fine.

Wes from Houston, Mo., wants to know what impact the Chiefs want from running back Peyton Hillis.

BW: I think we will see him have a strong season. He is happy in Kansas City and he feels comfortable in offensive coordinator Brian Daboll’s system. Hillis knows playing with Jamaal Charles will help him and I think we’ll see him make a positive impact on the Chiefs offense.