Top 200, AFC West style

In an Insider piece, ESPN.com’s annual “Big Book”Insider ranked the top 200 players in the NFL as well as the best players at each position heading into the 2012 season. Of course, there are AFC West players throughout the list.

Here is a taste: Five AFC West players are ranked in the top 43. They are Denver quarterback Peyton Manning (No. 16), San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers (No. 23), Denver linebacker Von Miller (No. 32), Kansas City linebacker Tamba Hali (No. 36) and San Diego tight end Antonio Gates (No. 43).

I can’t argue that Manning and Rivers are the top-ranked players in the division; I think Hali may be a tad ahead of Miler at this point. I’d also probably rank Oakland running back Darren McFadden in the top 50.

Check out the complete list and hash it all out in the comments section below. I’m sure you all have plenty of thoughts on it all.