Would Shawne Merriman be worth signing?

Fans of each AFC West team has asked me if I think former San Diego star pass-rusher Shawne Merriman would be a fit for their team.

Sadly, I don’t he’d fit in the division. I’m not sure if Merriman, who was cut by Buffalo on Monday, will ever be a factor in the NFL again. Merriman was one of my favorite players to cover when he was in San Diego. Good guy, passionate man and he was once an impact player.

But Merriman, 28, hasn’t been a productive player in five years. Merriman has played a total of eight games in the past three seasons and a total of 23 in the past five. Injuries have overtaken him. His last good season was in 2007.

I’ve love to see Merriman revitalize his career. But the odds are against him.

In other AFC West news:

Denver safety Quinton Carter and running back Ronnie Hillman returned to practice. Hillman will remain a backup. Carter lost traction in his battle with Rahim Moore to start at safety. Moore will likely be a starter at the begging of the season, but if he falters, Carter will get a chance to play.

The autopsy report on Junior Seau was released. He committed suicide May 2.

Planning on being unruly at an NFL game? It may cost you.