Poll results: Mathews' health a concern

It seems the San Diego Chargers needs to be very much been concerned about running back Ryan Mathews staying healthy for the long haul.

In our AFC West poll this week, we asked if the Chargers should be concerned about Mathews health. As of 6:20 p.m. ET Wednesday, a whopping 88 percent voted that the Chargers should be concerned. Just 12 percent believe the Chargers can rely on Mathews.

Mathews broke his clavicle on his first preseason carry. He has said he will be back to face Oakland in Week 1, but there is also chance he could miss up to three games. Mathews’ health has long been a concern.

I can’t disagree with people who voted yes. A history of injuries can’t be discounted and it wasn’t a great sign that Mathews suffered a serious injury on his first carry.

Now, do I think the Chargers should go nuts and sell the farm for Jacksonville holdout Maurice Drew-Jones, if the Jaguars want to trade for him? Well, that would be tempting, but I can’t see the Chargers spending what it will take to land Jones-Drew in terms of trade compensation and a new deal for Jones-Drew.

San Diego has much invested in Mathews and they must hope he can get healthy and stay healthy, even though the odds may be against it.