Stanzi stood no chance to beat out Quinn

The decision to make Brady Quinn the Kansas City Chiefs’ backup quarterback is no shock.

There was a thought during the offseason that second-year quarterback Ricky Stanzi was making enough strides that he could overtake Quinn. But Stanzi seemed to stall in training camp as the improvements he made during the offseason didn’t translate during the preseason.

Quinn has been the better player this summer and that's what the Chiefs thought would happen when they signed him in March.

He played for head coach Romeo Crennel and offensive coordinator Brian Daboll in Cleveland. Crennel and Daboll selected Quinn because they thought he was a good fit for the Chiefs’ offense. Stanzi needed to be great to beat out Quinn. He wasn’t.

There is still a place for Stanzi in Kansas City. He will be the No. 3 quarterback and will need to continue to develop. Perhaps Stanzi will make a move up the ladder next year but it’s clear he is not ready.