Chat wrap: Demaryius Thomas prediction

The following are highlights from our AFC West portion of our NFL chat marathon, which was held earlier Tuesday:


Jason C. from Manhasset: Is Demaryius Thomas destined for a great year with Peyton at the helm?

Bill Williamson: I think we will see Thomas catch 60-70 balls with 10-12 TDs. So, yes, I expect big things from him.


James from Knoxville: Bill, How do you see the KC backfield reps being split?

BW: It will be interesting to see. I think the Chiefs are not caught up in numbers. They just want to exploit Charles' speed and Hillis' power the best they can.


Mark from Toronto: I assume when he was in GB Reggie McKenzie had his hands on all the draft picks. So that said, is there any chance the Raiders could be looking at Matt Flynn in 2013? Just Flynn Baby!

BW: McKenzie was part of the group there, so he is familiar with Flynn. Maybe he could come cheap next year. But there will be plenty of other QB options out there if that is the route Oakland wants to take.


Nick from MA.: Can Ryan Matthews play by week 2?

BW: I think that is starting to look like the target date. Initially, the team thought they would he'd come back in Week 3, so this is progress, I think.