Carry split not a concern in Kansas City

What is Romeo Crennel’s plan for Jamaal Charles and Peyton Hillis out of the backfield this season?

He is going to use them both extensively and the hot hand will be used often. Both are listed on the depth chart as starters. Other than that, there is no grand plan. Crennel loves Charles’ speed and he loves Hillis’ power. And he is going to use both however he sees fit, beginning Sunday against Atlanta.

Charles is expected to be completely healthy after he tore his ACL in his knee in the second week of the season last year. Hillis was signed as a free agent from Cleveland.

“Just how we feel, how it’s going,” Crennel told reporters Wednesday when asked if he has a carry-split plan for Charles and Hillis. “And, that’s totally honest with you. You can’t say how a game is going to go. We go up there and we work all these hours at night and we put a game plan together, but if a play is not working, then you don’t keep calling that play. So, whatever is working, that’s what we’re going to call, and that’s why many times you look at that offensive call sheet that has so many plays on it because if they’re not working, then you’ve got something else to go to.”

Some folks may be frustrated by a lack of a public carry plan. But it doesn’t matter. The Chiefs like both Charles and Hillis and both will be used a lot. These two players are one of the Chiefs’ best chances to win big, so the exact carry numbers won’t matter.