Mailbag: Brian Daboll's offense

Weekend mail call:

Darren from St. Louis wants to know what I think of new Kansas City offensive coordinator Brian Daboll.

Bill Williamson: So far, I’ve been pretty impressed. The Chiefs can move the ball. I think players are buying into Daboll’s system and I think we will see some big offensive numbers from this unit. Yes, Matt Cassel committed three turnovers, but the Chiefs’ offense isn’t the reason why the Chiefs lost, 40-24 to Atlanta. So, in short, I think Daboll’s offense has promise.

Jamie from San Francisco wants to know if I think Jacoby Ford will be bothered by injuries his entire career.

BW: That’s a tough one. Yes, he is dealing with a serious foot injury that bothered him for much of the second half of last season. That is troublesome for a player who relies on his speed. But he is young, so I think he has a chance to for a nice, long career. However, if injuries persist for the next couple of years, there could be a problem.

Derek from Houston wants to know if I’m worried about the Chiefs’ defense.

BW: I will be if they give up 40 points with their full complement of starters. But I don’t think that will happen. The Chiefs were missing four starters against a strong Atlanta offense. That’s the reason why the Falcons scored 40. I think Kansas City’s defense will settle down nicely once the season progresses.