Chat wrap: Kudos to Mike Harris

Here is a look at some highlights of our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Trevor from Saratoga, NY.: Will Demaryius Thomas be a top 10 receiver by the end of the year?

Bill Williamson: If you look at his numbers from Week 13 last season, he has been a top level receiver. He is coming on and having Manning on his side will not hurt his development.


Tony from Wichita: Do you see the Chiefs problems as fixable? I'm starting to think Pioli has not gotten it done, and my team may be starting over again real soon.

BW: If the problems persist once the team gets healthy, then it will be an issue. But let's see what happens when the defense gets its health back.


Mark from Toronto: It's early, but with Pittsburgh and Denver on the docket, is this Sunday a must win for Oakland?

BW: It's a winnable game with two tough games coming up, so, yes, the Raiders better get it done. It's not the end of the world if the Raiders don't win, but being 0-2 with Pittsburgh and Denver coming up wouldn't be a great thing.


Derek from Springfield, MO.: How sturdy was San Diego's rookie undrafted free agent LT during the Oakland game? I know he didn't give up a sack, is he the short term solution till Gaither gets back?

BW: I was really impressed by that kid. What a tough job he had, I thought it would be a disaster, but it wasn't. They need Gaither back, but Harris deserves credit for the job he did.