Mailbag: Will Raiders dump run scheme?

Mid-week mail call:

Brian from San Diego wants to know why Oakland running back Darren McFadden has just 26 carries through two games.

Bill Williamson: I think a lot of it is because Oakland has fallen behind and they have been in catch-up more and been forced to throw a lot. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. McFadden will get his touches as the season moves on.

Tyler from Red Bluff, Calif., wants to know why the Chiefs aren’t using receiver Jon Baldwin much.

BW: Baldwin had three catches for 62 yards in Week 2 after being shut out in Week 1. He is a work in progress, but he does have terrific potential and the Chiefs expect a lot from him. So, I think the Chiefs need to make a real effort to get Baldwin more involved soon.

Paul Preciado from Redding, Calif., wants to know if the Raiders should dump the zone blocking scheme during the season.

BW: I think that is an unrealistic situation. I can’t see a team dumping an integral part of its offense. The Raiders will very likely keep the scheme, and hope the team excels at it. That is what offensive coordinator Greg Knapp is comfortable in and it will stay.