Chat wrap: Big pressure in Big Easy

Here are some highlights from our AFC West chat, which was held earlier Thursday:


Michael from Pasadena, CA.: Was Peyton’s first quarter disaster a sign of things to come, or was he merely shaking off the rust?

Bill Williamson: It was a sign that his comeback is not going to be perfect. He is older and he is rusty. These things will happen, but he showed later in the game, he has not fallen off a cliff. I think we will see a very good quarterback most of the time, but maybe not a great quarterback most of the time. If he is the seventh best quarterback in the league and not the second best, I think the Broncos could live with that.


Christopher from NC: There is a lot at stake in the Chiefs-Saints game as both teams are at an unexpected 0-2. Who do you think will gain the most from a win and why? On the flip side, who will lose the most from a loss and why?

BW: It's equal. They are two teams that came into the season with playoff hopes. 0-3 would be a disaster for both teams.


Mark from Toronto: Are Allen and McKenzie in over their heads? How else do we explain the severe unpreparedness in the long snapper debacle and the travesty that is their secondary?

BW: That may be a little harsh. But they are certainly learning on the job, yes.


Patrick from NY: I've read up a lot on Philip Rivers and Robert Meachem not quite having chemistry yet. But is that really to explain for his performance? Chargers gave this guy a hefty contract. Is he gonna pay us back on the field?

BW: Honestly, I'm not that big on Meachem. He'll hit some home runs, but he won't catch 80 passes. Still, I think he can help this offense in his role.