Mailbag: Broncos' third down defense

Weeked mail call:

Mikey from Denver wants to know what I think Knowshon Moreno's future in Denver is.

Bill Williamson: I don’t think Moreno will ever be a factor for Denver. And right now, he looks like he has a very cloudy future. He was inactive in Week 3 as the Broncos gave rookie Ronnie Hillman a chance. Moreno had a good summer and he kept his job, but he fumbled in Week 2 and I think the Broncos simply don’t trust him.

Eric from San Jose wants to know if Ronnie Brown is in the Chargers’ future.

BW: Brown was inactive in Week 3 when Ryan Mathews came back and didn’t do much in the first two weeks. I think the Chargers will see if there is some instances where Brown can help, but I don’t see him being much of a factor.

Robbie Jameson from Monroe, LA. wants to know if the Broncos should be worried with being ranked amongst the worst in the NFL on third-down defense.

BW: The essence of a defense is getting off the field. So, yes, it is an area the Broncos need to figure out. The Denver defense allowed the Falcons in Week 2 and the Texans in Week 2 to convert on third and five from their own 25 with less than three minutes to go. Those plays ended any hopes of Denver winning in those two six-point losses.